10 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

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So maybe you are a business owner/CEO? Or perhaps you work in the HR division of your company? Or maybe you fit in the category of ‘others’ and you are curious to know how to keep employees happy in general. Wouldn’t you be keen to know how? What ways can you apply to make employees feel happy yet productive at the same time? And how can you help in making them achieve that contentment and satisfaction? Well there are many means to keep employees constantly motivated and appreciated. Here are the 10 ways to give a try and/or recommend.

Quality time with employees:

Its great when employees are able to hear a thank you or a job well done. But when you their boss makes that extra effort to thank them or show their appreciation it can have a greater impact. You can do this by inviting them out for a coffee break or maybe even lunch one day.

Important decisions by employees:

Allow your employees to make important and impact decisions. They want to feel that their opinion matters and that their level of expertise is valued and trusted.


Superiors should be able to let employees know what is happening within the company. This will make them feel involved at all times, creating a huge sense of camaraderie.

Nice surprises:

Treat your employees to a group lunch or maybe even a shortened work day. These will be considered as a nice treat once in a while. After all, doesn’t everyone love a good surprise?

 Platform to share:

Create a platform where employees can share tips, stories, suggestions with other members of the company. Start listening and taking into consideration their valuable feedback. In that way, employees will have a boost of self-esteem and feel like they are highly regarded.

Time off for employees:

The one way to recognize an employee’s hard work is by giving them extra time off. That way they know that you know they have worked extremely hard and boy do they deserve it. They can use the time to spend with their fam, engage in their hobby or whatnot. 

Go out of the office:

When you can organize fun events, trips or adventures outside of the office it can work as a great mood booster. This is a fantastic way to show employees that you love rewarding them as a way to show your appreciation.

Compliment on the specifics:

Don’t forget to express your appreciation verbally to your employees. This will make them feel like their work is treasured and recognized. Not only that, but be distinct. As in don’t just simply say “Great job!” Instead, you can say “I loved how you handled the previous customer with so much composure and patience.”

Push employees to grow:

Show your employees that you believe in them by giving them challenges and opportunies for growth.

Reward with gift cards:

Give your employees lots of incentives; to encourage them continuously. There are many ways to use incentivized programs such as giving away prizes, bonus, parties and even gift cards. Gift cards can be a great discreet way to reward your employees and showing them you appreciate their hard work.

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