10 Ways To Motivate Your Staff After A Long Break

“I cannot wait for the holidays to end so I can get back to work!” said no one ever.

Although we are all secretly wishing that our staff are excited about coming into the office after a long break, we know that it is more common for everyone to find difficulties in getting back in the productive work saddle.

We get you. We’ve been there ourselves. This time, last week, we felt as though the week was stretched and the weekend felt light years away. However, we did our part to get everyone excited about work again. Let us share with you ten things we did that worked to get our staff motivated again.

  1. We allowed A LOT of flexibility – Although we wanted our staff to immediately jump into a pile of work that was left untouched for a week during the holidays, we allowed them to ease into it instead. The first two days were used by everyone to find their rhythm at their own pace.
  2. We became an example – “Be the person you want them to be.” We made sure that everyone can feed off our energy and behave the same way.
  3. We transformed the workspace – Working in an environment with little clutter will help mental clarity. It will feel liberating and great. We moved around a few pieces of furniture to spice things up.
  4. We touched base… a lot! – We hosted casual meetings just to touch base with everyone at the office. This allowed everyone to be updated on statuses and projects.
  5. We set new goals – Try to re-group, focus on what is important and plan ahead to set workable goals.  
  6. We provided a nice lunch – We encouraged everyone to catch up with each other and share stories over their holiday experiences.
  7. We showed appreciation – Make your employees feel important and be thankful for their existence. Tell them they are there because they matter and are vital to the success of the company. And while they could have chosen to linger in their vacation vibes a little longer, they chose to be here and we are grateful.
  8. We arranged after work activity – We planned out something everyone can do together after work, like quick dinner or after-hours drinks.
  9. We went outside – We encouraged our staff to walk around outside to get some fresh air. Sometimes being stuck inside the office can get pretty dull and frustrating.
  10. We gave them something to look forward to – A pizza party on Friday night? A surprising snack break? We provided something exciting to look forward to at the end of the day. The prospect made the clock tick just a little faster.


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