Paradise Dynasty/Inn

This is an oriental restaurant that started out as a famous seafood place in Singapore. After the years they have left their footprints all overseas with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai. Slowly it became known as the home of the world’s first 8 multi coloured Xiao Long Baos. Purchase their gift card to enjoy many benefits every time you dine in, or better yet, purchase one for your friends and family who love Chinese cuisine.

Benefits of Gift Card:

  • Enjoy a 10% birthday discount
  • Free La Mian with Dried Shrimp and Scallion for every card top-up
  • Be rewarded with points
  • Enjoy merchant discounts

Paradise Dynasty Locations:

Plaza Senayan, Central Park

Paradise Inn Locations:

Plaza Indonesia, Puri Indah Mall  


3 New & Modern Gift Ideas

UrbanL Life Gift Card | Happy Birthday DesignUrban Life:

This is a one stop shop that sell contemporary gadgets, audio, travel and lifestyle products. Urban Life’s gift card is the perfect gift for those who love buying trendy items and love being in the loop of everything hip.

Gift card designs available:

XOXO, Birthday, Thanks, Christmas  

Gift cards are available at:

Summarecon Mal Serpong, Bekasi, Lippo Kemang, Kota Kasablanca, Lotte Shopping Avenue, AEON Mall BSD, Mall Kelapa Gading 2, Mall Puri Indah, Lippo Mall Puri, Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place

Nominals available:

RP250,000, RP500,000, RP1,000,000


Gadget Citi Gift Card | CongratulationsGadgetCiti:

This is a place that has all things gadget related. They sell an array of high-end gadgets that are practical yet stylish. GadgetCiti’s gift card is the perfect gift for gadget nerds that love buying new contraptions all the time.

Gift card designs available:

Congrats, Birthday, Hello, Christmas

Gift cards are available at:

STC Senayan

Nominals available:

RP250,000, RP500,000, RP1,000,000



Geek Coffee:18

This is a cafe that is great for those who love working or relaxing in a quiet environment whilst sipping on a hot cuppa. Geek Coffee’s gift card is the perfect gift idea for all the coffee lovers out there. Let them use their gift card to purchase all sorts of drinks.

Gift card design available:


Gift cards are available at:

STC Senayan

Nominals available:

RP250,000, RP500,000, RP1,000,000

Perks of Having Gift Cards

The use of gift cards can only be deemed as advantageous from every angle by businesses and corporate companies. If you are a business that is thinking of boosting sales or a new business that wants to raise brand awareness, gift cards are great for you. Perhaps you are a corporate organization that would like to show appreciation to your employees, reward your customers and partners. Then gift cards should be your problem solver if you are confused on how to make this happen.  

For merchants:

  • Gift cards allow them to build relationships with the purchaser and recipient. When the gift card has a loyalty program, customers can be rewarded with each visit, purchase, and even top up. It enables them to keep up with the wants and needs of their customers.
  • They can be used to attract new customers. It enables you to reach customers that you typically would not reach.
  • Gift cards also increase brand awareness with your company logo and brand designed on the card. It’s a great marketing tool that happens as people purchase gift cards for the family and friends on holidays and birthdays.
  • It improves sales by encouraging customers to enter a specific store and browse products. Usually they will always end up finding a product that costs slightly above the gift card’s value. In the customer’s eyes, paying a quarter of the price is better than paying in full, leaving them satisfied.
  • When issuing gift cards as an alternative for cash, it also reduces fraud.

For everyday consumers, gift cards make gift-giving simple and it saves people shopping time. It allows the recipient the freedom of choice, which is perfect for picky individuals. They can get what they want whenever they want it. It is also known to be a great last minute gift as it’s easy to purchase when you just don’t have the time.

From a corporate organizations’ perspective, gift cards work remarkably well too.

“Organizations today want to reward more people, not just the high performers but also those that support them. Gift cards make it easier to spread the incentive budget across more recipients and they give recipients broader choice over their reward.” – Mike Ryan, President Emeritus of The Performance Improvement Council

For organizations:

  • They aim to leave long-lasting impressions on their employees, customers and partners.
  • Known as the trophy value, gift cards provide exactly that. It creates a lasting reminder of an achievement. It’s important recipients remember what the reward was for.
  • Many times gift cards provide the opportunity for branding and sometimes personalisation.
  • Gift cards offer better potential returns on investment than cash as rewards.
  • They are always more discreet to talk about than cash rewards.
  • Most importantly, there is a long-term positive connection between from the employee toward the organization.


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