Pushing The Limit

Merchants are investing more and more in their gift card programs these days. It might be confusing to some as to why they would spend so much time and money promoting these programs. The answer is simple, it is because they understand that by pre-selling reserved funds, they can drive product sales and incremental visits. They know that these benefits are a way to increase their market share.

Due to the competitive nature of the retail environment, merchants are more willing than ever to provide promotional deals and rewards to their customers to drive their gift card sales.
With the technological advancements in gift card these days, it allows the merchant’s new customer value. They are coming up with new and exciting ways to push the boundaries. Wanting to offer amazing experiences to the end users, they have started with animation, enhanced products and unique offerings. However, keep in mind that these experiences can be complicated so integrating with technology partners who focus on driving positive consumer benefits is a must.

Companies that are on the lookout for incentives and participants in those programs expect gift cards these days. This is due to gift cards’ consumer popularity, one of the criteria for finding a new incentive company is whether they offer gift cards, how many brands are offered, and how they are delivered. Incentive companies historically offering just physical products are starting to realize that having a gift card offering is essential to being competitive in this progressively digital market.

Gift cards provide the flexibility and versatility of cash, yet studies have shown they are remembered longer than cash awards. Staying power is one of the primary benefits of non-cash rewards, and gift cards deliver that effectively. Through their choice of gift card, program sponsors also can ensure that recipients use the card for a memorable reward rather than an everyday expense. They provide for guilt-free spending and the opportunity for recipients to include family members or others in the experience.


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