Featured on Tech in Asia (Feb 23, 2012) – Fokado Offers Fun Activities That You Can Give as Gifts

Fokado is one of the startups that has just graduated from the Jakarta Founders Institute two weeks ago. Fokado is trying to provide an alternative way for you to give someone a gift. So, rather than giving a physical item, the site encourages people to gift fun activities that will last longer in your friend’s memory.

Antonius Taufan, the founder of Fokado.com, tells us more about his startup which has 43 fun activity packages for sale so far.

  1. What is Fokado’s aim?

We’re try to ‘package up pleasure,’ giving people a good time by allowing them to experience something they’ve always wanted to do, like learning how to make sushi professionally or learning how to fly a microlight plane.

  1. So how are things after the launch? How is traction?

As a first-starter in the e-commerce industry, we felt very lucky due to several factors. The first one was that we were among the first batch to graduate from the Founders Institute. Being in the Founders Institute gave us a broad network and access we never dreamt of having. The second was that our website went live a week before Valentines Day. What these two factors meant was that we had a good moment to promote our products, and that mentors, directors, and friends in the Founders Institute also had a relevant reason to retweet our site, share it via BBM, and talk about us to their colleagues.

  1. How will you fare against competitors, such as the ‘getaway’ and adventures site Valadoo?

As of now, we do not see any direct competitors yet, but yet there are many indirect competitors. We are hoping that we can collaborate with some more established players out there. The type of collaboration ranges from cross-selling, cross-promotions, or even affiliates. It will be our homework as a new player to go out and reach our indirect competitors and see if there is something we can collaborate on.

  1. How will you keep the entry barrier high for your startup?

Experience providers are very limited in Indonesia, there are only a few (even only one in same cases) providing certain kinds of activity opportunities. Being the first player in the experiential gift industry, we are able to secure exclusive contracts with our providers meaning that they cannot work with other online companies which provides similar services.

  1. You aim to disrupt the gift industry by offering experiences, but will you offer physical goods as well in the future?

We are currently focusing on increasing the number of experiences on our website to tailor people’s interests from various backgrounds. Giving a memorable experience as a gift is our core value as we believe that doing something fun together really unites people and draws them closer. There is a small possibility that we may offer some unique physical goods in the future, but I do not see that coming at least in our first year of operation.

  1. How do you plan to boost your user-base?

Word-of-mouth is certainly the biggest driver of our sales so far. Realizing this, we are planning to boost our word-of-mouth promotions whether it be online or offline. From the online sector, we will focus our first year budget to learn more about our users through social media and search engine optimization. In the offline sector, we will talk directly to our users gathering feedback about the experiences they completed and prefer to buy.

  1. So what is the plan for Fokado this year?

We are happy that we have received a good response from the time our website went live. This year we will focus on learning more about the gift industry and listening to our customers and providers. We are hoping that we can go national at the end of this year.


Source: https://www.techinasia.com/fokado