#MyLeadingLady Contest: And the winners are…

A big congratulations to our winners @diningtyas and @shantydiah. It’s  important to honor the women who have contributed to our society. These women often come from all walks of life. They are just as hardworking, dedicated and thriving as men. We should be honoring these women everyday. Thank you to everyone that participated.


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#MyLeadingLady Contest: 3 Fun Ways to Show You Appreciate Your Leading Lady

The importance of showing appreciation is huge. Everyone loves being appreciated. It’s time to show how much you appreciate the leading ladies in your life. It can be anyone from your manager, CEO, to even your colleague who you feel deserves a little more than a pat on the back. There are tons of ways you can go in terms of showing your gratitude. Here are the top 3 suggestions:

  • Give her a little gift. It could be something as small as getting her favorite chocolate or even that scarf she’s been talking about all week.
  • Treat her out for lunch because everyone deserves a little break, and it’s nice when you get surprises like that once in a while.
  • Participate in the #MyLeadingLady contest to tell everyone how brilliant your leading lady is. This is a good opportunity to win her an amazing reward (Ked’s gift card worth RP600,000) that comes with a great message behind it.

Women do so much in our society today and it’s important that we take the time to appreciate all that they do.

#MyLeadingLady Contest: Now It’s Your Turn

How often do you show your appreciation to the women who inspires you? The ones whose strength, achievements and contributions encourage you to dream bigger and aim higher?

In conjunction with International Women’s Day and #myleadinglady Instagram contest hosted by Gift Card Indonesia (@giftcard.co.id) and Keds Indonesia @kedsid, many have publicly appreciated the leading ladies in their lives.

My Leading Lady Post-01

And now it’s your turn! Today, we challenge you to publicly appreciate the leading lady in your life. They may be your CEO, your manager, your direct supervisor, your lady leaders… The great women who have inspired you to walk in their shoes someday!