Perks of Having Gift Cards

The use of gift cards can only be deemed as advantageous from every angle by businesses and corporate companies. If you are a business that is thinking of boosting sales or a new business that wants to raise brand awareness, gift cards are great for you. Perhaps you are a corporate organization that would like to show appreciation to your employees, reward your customers and partners. Then gift cards should be your problem solver if you are confused on how to make this happen.  

For merchants:

  • Gift cards allow them to build relationships with the purchaser and recipient. When the gift card has a loyalty program, customers can be rewarded with each visit, purchase, and even top up. It enables them to keep up with the wants and needs of their customers.
  • They can be used to attract new customers. It enables you to reach customers that you typically would not reach.
  • Gift cards also increase brand awareness with your company logo and brand designed on the card. It’s a great marketing tool that happens as people purchase gift cards for the family and friends on holidays and birthdays.
  • It improves sales by encouraging customers to enter a specific store and browse products. Usually they will always end up finding a product that costs slightly above the gift card’s value. In the customer’s eyes, paying a quarter of the price is better than paying in full, leaving them satisfied.
  • When issuing gift cards as an alternative for cash, it also reduces fraud.

For everyday consumers, gift cards make gift-giving simple and it saves people shopping time. It allows the recipient the freedom of choice, which is perfect for picky individuals. They can get what they want whenever they want it. It is also known to be a great last minute gift as it’s easy to purchase when you just don’t have the time.

From a corporate organizations’ perspective, gift cards work remarkably well too.

“Organizations today want to reward more people, not just the high performers but also those that support them. Gift cards make it easier to spread the incentive budget across more recipients and they give recipients broader choice over their reward.” – Mike Ryan, President Emeritus of The Performance Improvement Council

For organizations:

  • They aim to leave long-lasting impressions on their employees, customers and partners.
  • Known as the trophy value, gift cards provide exactly that. It creates a lasting reminder of an achievement. It’s important recipients remember what the reward was for.
  • Many times gift cards provide the opportunity for branding and sometimes personalisation.
  • Gift cards offer better potential returns on investment than cash as rewards.
  • They are always more discreet to talk about than cash rewards.
  • Most importantly, there is a long-term positive connection between from the employee toward the organization.


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Are Your Employees Really Happy With Their Incentives?

One of the greatest blessings as a business owner is to have great employees working for you. However, making sure they stay with you forever is not as easy as just giving them their monthly remuneration. Many times incentivized programs need to be implemented in order for employees to feel motivated and happy. What sort of incentive programs have you applied to your business? Do you know if your employees are actually content with them? Have you ever thought about applying new ways of rewarding your employees?

The use of gift cards by consumers and organisations have risen in the last ten years. Gift cards can be described as a prepaid stored money card available from businesses as a cash alternative. They have become a popular gift option among consumers who are shopping for family and friends. More importantly, it is sought after by businesses hoping to reward their employees, customers and partners.

The Incentive Research Foundation has revealed a few key findings in their research on gift cards:

  • Gift cards are now the most frequently used reward in corporate incentive programs.
  • Gift cards are popular gifts for recipients. They are usually more preferred than cash.
  • Majority of incentive planners believe gift cards are more meaningful, personal and impactful than cash.

Gift cards can also be used as a multi functional card with money value that can be redeemed to shopping vouchers, electronics, travel, home appliances and donations. They can be customized to the fullest leaving everything up to your business’ imagination.

A success story comes from AIA Financial. They wanted to create a personal connection and closeness with their employees. Every employee at AIA Financial were told to nominate a family member. Then  during the nominated individual’s birthday, they were sent a gift card as a reward. Incentivizing this sort of program created an intimate relationship between the business and their employees.

Another success story includes Top 1. They wanted to device an incentive program that would drive their employees further. The concept was to reward Top 1’s sales representative for every sale they made. With every sale they made, they were able to receive a certain percentage of their sale which was then compensated to their gift card. Through this, Top 1 was able to show their employees their deepest appreciation for their hard and driven effort.

If you’re unsure of whether your employees are satisfied with your current incentive program, you will want to consider gift cards as an option. We are the leading gift card and loyalty company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are an expert in building employee rewards program.

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Who Are We – Gift Card Indonesia

Gift Card Indonesia is the leading gift card and loyalty company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide end-to-end services in loyalty and gift card industries, including gift card processing and distribution through our corporate sales and retail partners. We are the one stop solution for innovative gifting. We believe in going beyond rewards and building loyalty.

We Make The Perfect Gift

Let’s be honest here, haven’t we all received that one present we’ve tossed aside because we either didn’t like it or pretty much found impractical? Trust us, we’ve all been through that before. Hence we know why gift cards are the perfect gift for you and your loved ones all around.

Gift cards are the perfect gift of choice. Why? As it allows the recipient to pick out something they will truly love. This way you know your gift will be forever valued and appreciated. You could also buy a gift card for yourself to be rewarded for membership deals from selected retail shops.

Why do Businesses love Gift Cards?

They love gift cards as it helps the businesses achieve faster growth with prepaid commerce solutions and data collection. It also allows them to boost sales. The main benefit in investing in a gift card program is to make money.

Gift cards help businesses make their customers happy! They allow businesses to build relationships with the purchaser and recipient. When the gift card has a loyalty program, customers can be rewarded with each visit, purchase, and even top up. It enables them to keep up with the wants and needs of their customers.

Gift cards helps businesses grow by recruiting new customers. It has the potential of bringing in at least two new customers into their business, one- the purchaser, two- the recipient. When customers are satisfied, you can be sure they will come back for more.

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