Good Friends Bring You Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Countless research and studies have proved it! Heck, the adults around you growing up probably repeated it like a broken record. So you know how important it is. The body needs the energy after a night of fasting, hence it is known as breaking the fast.

We get that everyone has busy schedules. Everyone has places to be, things to do, people to meet. Most of the time it can be difficult trying to make time for your friends during work days. Your friends are probably busy too. We get it. For those with hectic schedules, we’ve got the perfect idea to show them you are always thinking of them even when you have your hands full. Have you thought about bringing breakfast over to your friends? They probably wouldn’t be expecting it and really, who wouldn’t love a good surprise in the morning?

Here are some great places to get breakfast on the go – and to pamper your friend:


IMG_1399Pane Del Giorno

They are a convenient healthy bakery shop with products ranging from pastries, sandwiches, bread, cooked food and more. Your friend can easily pop in and out of the shop for those rush hour mornings. They will surely feel thankful whilst munching away on their healthy bread.






Lau’s Kopi

Brighten up your friend’s morning with a hearty Malaysian breakfast! Sometimes it’s easy to forget about breakfast especially during busy mornings. But, believe it or not, it can impact how the rest of the day goes. Your friend can use their card to enjoy exclusive deals.






Maxx Coffee

We all know that one person who needs coffee for a little pick-me-up every morning. Maxx Coffee is a coffee house that provides a range of hot and cold beverages, pastries, breads and many more. You’re a good friend if you make sure that your friend, who loves and breathes coffee, get their coffee fix.




So those are some of the breakfast places that we personally love. It’s easy to show your friends you care even when you don’t have the time. No excuses.

Pick up any of the gift cards from Pane Del Giorno, Lau’s Kopi or MAXX Coffee for your friend today and make her day!

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Gift Card Is The Only Logical Gift. Really?

Most people have received a gift they’ve disliked or found completely impractical at least once in their lives. And when they receive such a gift,  what usually happens to that gift? If it’s lucky, it might get regifted, otherwise, it will most likely get tossed aside or thrown in the trash. Yes it’s sad, but it’s the cold hard truth.

That’s the problem with buying gifts for people. It might not be as difficult buying a gift for someone who is super close to you because you can ask them what they would like directly. On the other hand, if you are browsing around for a gift for someone who you’re not really close to, it can be very confusing. You don’t know what their hobbies are, what they collect, what they would appreciate, or worst yet, what their dislikes. The last thing you want is to waste your money and time.


When you find yourself in a dilemma such as these, gift cards make the perfect gift. Why?

  • Because they are practical. You can literally go into any shop and/or online and purchase a gift card for someone. The recipient can then go into the shops and pick up something they will definitely love. Would that seem unthoughtful and less personal? Let’s think about it this way: isn’t it better to give the recipient something they can actually use or love instead of stressing out over what to buy which ultimately could end up deemed as useless?
  • You are giving the recipient the privilege to choose their own gift.
  • They are a great last minute gift idea as it’s quick and easy to purchase. You can be in and out with a gift in the palm of your hand within 5 minutes.

Gift cards as gifts just make sense altogether. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a gift that’s simple to buy. And who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that they will definitely love. So there you go, go out and make that purchase for your friends and family. Get gifts, get gift cards.