#MyLeadingLady Contest: Showing Appreciation For The Leading Lady in Your Life

Women continue to make significant contributions to the world around us. They are just as hardworking, as dedicated, as thriving as men are. (Sometimes, even more!)

Everyday, we want to honor the women who have contributed significantly to the world we live in. We want to recognise their achievements; their social, economic, cultural, even political achievement. But more than that, we want to appreciate the impact they have on our lives.

Especially today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the women who have came into our lives professionally but has touched our hearts personally.

GCI (@giftcard.co.id) together with Keds Indonesia (@kedsid) encourages you to show your appreciation for the leading ladies in your lives. They may be your CEO, your manager, your direct supervisor, your lady leaders… The great women who have inspired you to walk in their shoes some day!

Today, we want to challenge you to publicly appreciate the leading lady in your life.

Here’s how:

  • Share a photo of you and your Leading Lady (CEO, Manager, or others)
  • Tell us why you appreciate them in the caption line.
  • Use the hashtag #MyLeadingLady and #KedsXGCI (and don’t forget to follow, tag, and mention @giftcard.co.id and @kedsid)

What’s the prize? Aside from making your #leadinglady a very happy lady, you will also stand a chance to win IDR 600,000 worth of Keds Giftcard for your Leading Lady. Two winners with the most honest and creative submissions will be picked out by GCI and Keds Indonesia and announced on March 16 at 12PM.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the leading ladies, the strong, dedicated, thriving and powerful women.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards can be considered somewhat of a novelty gift idea in Indonesia. It’s safe to say many are oblivious to its existence. So what is it really. It is a preloaded card that works like a debit card. It can be used to purchase goods and/or services at selected retail shops. Some gift cards can be reloaded therefore allowing the cardholder to add money and continue using it. Many times, retail shops will offer exclusive membership deals for their stores. Gift cards can usually be purchased online or offline at the shops that do provide them.

There are many times of gift cardIMG_1978s. Sometimes, they can only be used at a single merchant such as Paradise Dynasty. However other times the gift card can be used at a few stored that are under the same company such as Keds, American Eagle, Little Things She Needs, Wakai and Mezzo.

Gift cards can be considered quite versatile too as it can be used in various ways. You can use the gift card to pay a part of your purchase. For instance, you could decide to pay 50% of your purchase with cash and the other with your gift card. Another way is to make multiple purchases using the gift card.

People love receiving gift cards because it feels like you’re using a credit card that you never have to pay off. The recipient can enjoy the luxury of shopping and spending value on the card without having to worry about burning a hole in their wallet. Since most of the time, the gift card was a present to begin with. They can treat themselves to whichever goods and/or services they normally wouldn’t.

Gift cards basically work like cash. They are a fantastic gift idea for your friends and family with so many merchants to choose from.



3 Reasons Gift Cards Triumph Over Cash Rewards

Gift cards work remarkably as far as employee rewards go, but why? What makes them so irresistible and a no-brainer corporate incentive to implement? Well let’s find out.


Employees receiving gift cards will tend to remember their achievement better over cash rewards. It’s crucial that the recipient remembers what they were rewarded for to begin with. Picture this,if your company gives you $100 in cash, you would probably end up using it to buy daily necessities. And most likely, you won’t remember that reward in a few month’s time. But if your company rewards you with a $100 gift card to your favorite fashion store, you would probably remember it for a long time to come. Hence, making you feel thankful and happy.

Zero guilt

Employees receiving gift cards will have a guilt-free shopping experience. Since gift cards tend to be seen as bonus money, they will usually end up using it to buy things they normally wouldn’t. For instance, if you received a gift card to the new fine dining joint in town you would be able to justify going there.


Naturally there will be long-term positive feelings toward the organization. It will be deemed as more thoughtful instead of giving away cash. This is because gift cards can be bought and tailored according to each recipient’s needs, hobbies and interests. So when an organization rewards using gift cards, they will be seen as caring and attentive.

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