Reasons Gift Cards Make The Perfect Incentives!

Imagine giving away cash rewards with the recipient having not a lot of recollection of why and how they received it? Or worse, they spend it as petty money without fully indulging on the reward which was why it was given in the first place.

As a business owner, it’s fantastic when you are able to show your appreciation toward your employees. Implementing a gift card program as an employee reward will prove to be thoughtful and personal. Many times they are carefully selected rewards that are matched to the recipient’s interests and hobbies. This can be extremely successful as it aims to ward what the recipient wants instead of needs.

Employees receiving gift cards as rewards will also be able to make a deeper connection with the company. As gift cards have a much bigger impact as rewards than cash. Cash loses its memorability quickly as recipients tend to spend it on routine items, save it or even use it to pay bills. On the other hand, gift cards are often mentally grouped by recipients as “fun money” which is funds to use outside of the household budget.

Gift cards are one of the most practical gifts. Why? They are easy for both ends, the giver and recipient. Many individuals love receiving gift cards because it offers the freedom of choice. It allows the pickiest of people to choose and actually enjoy their gifts. Not only does receiving gift cards give a pleasant and memorable feeling for your employees, for a business owner such as yourself, it’s an easier approach to implementing an employee rewards program.

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Paradise Dynasty/Inn

This is an oriental restaurant that started out as a famous seafood place in Singapore. After the years they have left their footprints all overseas with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai. Slowly it became known as the home of the world’s first 8 multi coloured Xiao Long Baos. Purchase their gift card to enjoy many benefits every time you dine in, or better yet, purchase one for your friends and family who love Chinese cuisine.

Benefits of Gift Card:

  • Enjoy a 10% birthday discount
  • Free La Mian with Dried Shrimp and Scallion for every card top-up
  • Be rewarded with points
  • Enjoy merchant discounts

Paradise Dynasty Locations:

Plaza Senayan, Central Park

Paradise Inn Locations:

Plaza Indonesia, Puri Indah Mall