Sometimes when life hands you sweet pancakes, you just can’t help but to smile and indulge in it.

And through those times, when you are able to enjoy it with your best friends, that is love.

Pancious is a venue for just that. They have the perfect setting for friends, family, colleagues to get together to laugh and share stories with one another. With their cozy interiors, it leaves no room for barriers and provides a genuine and friendly environment that everyone can enjoy together whilst eating delicious and wholesome food.

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What’s amazing about Pancious is that they are constantly updating their menu because they know how much their customers love the latest trends and hype. They allow themselves to be adaptable to their customer’s evolving habits.

They are very appreciative of the love and support they have gotten since they started in 2007 and they’re showing their gratitude by releasing their very own Pancious Card.

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When you hold the Pancious card, you will be rewarded with special offers such as a free pancake for every RP200,000 worth of top up.

The Pancious Gift Card, on the other hand, is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Sometimes it’s difficult trying to choose a celebratory gift but how about giving the card as a birthday gift, graduation or even for an anniversary. Let them enjoy an amazing complimentary meal or two. At Pancious, you know they will be served nothing but the most delicious food and drinks.

The card is available in their outlets in Senayan City, Emporium Pluit Mall, Summarecon Mall Serpong 2, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Pacific Place Mall, Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Mal Taman Anggrek, Central Park Mall, Puri Indah Mall as well as in Bandung, Surabaya and Makassar.

With one Pancious card in your hand, love and joy in the other, you can conquer the world with your closest ones.