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Finding a gift for one employee is difficult. Can you imagine trying to find a gift for a hundred of them, or even five thousand. Much less trying to find a gift with a personal touch. That would risk the HR manager to lose their head over finding the perfect gift. Sure, you could probably purchase the regular mug, or even a cool Star Wars figurine in bulk since that’s the current craze right. But while the mug screams boring, the figurine says thoughtless. Most importantly, not those five thousand individuals share the same interest.

What you need is a versatile gift for your employees. A gift that is so flexible you can customize it to suit their hobbies and interests. What if we told you we have a gift option that works for everyone? Literally every employee. No, you don’t even need to go around the table person to person trying to jot down what they hate or love. That would take years.

What? How?

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That’s what the TADA card is about. Flexibility and simplicity. Don’t underestimate the power of the small card though. It is one the most versatile card you can ever imagine.

It is an all-in-one gift card that can be exchanged to shopping vouchers, gadgets, electronics, phone vouchers, home appliances, airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour & travel, donations and zakat. What this means is that recipients can choose what they want to redeem using the gift card. Whether it be to purchase that airline ticket to Tokyo or new iPhone 6 or even reservations to that amazing 5-star resort in Bali. Let your employees pick out their own gift.

It comes in two forms; physically and digitally. It even enables your company to have your own branding. Design it however way you like it.

Once the design is set, all that needs to be done is to send the TADA card over to your employees. It is so easy because they can redeem the card online through a few simple steps.


Using a TADA card is the best way to incentivize employees. It is the ultimate gift of choice.

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