Sour Sally

Heard of black froyo before? Yes, black! They have it at Sour Sally.  

What? Who? Sally?

Why is she sour?

“Hahaha” you’re probably thinking.

Sour Sally is actually a famous all natural frozen yoghurt joint that first opened in Indonesia in 2008.

As far as their black frozen yoghurt goes, it’s all the hype nowadays. Perhaps you’ve seen some of your friends share their black smiles on social media?  Yeap, they probably took it at Sour Sally. If you haven’t tried it, go go go! It tastes a little tangy, a little sweet and a lot of everything wonderful in life. The froyo is literally all black, which makes eating it so entertaining and hilarious. You and your friends can enjoy laughing at each other whilst indulging on the yummy froyo. Although keep in mind that they also have a variety of other flavors such as strawberry, melon, mint, taro and many more.

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Sour Sally has got something great up their sleeves. They know a ton of people are obsessed with their froyo and could not be happier. So they thought, “We need to do something to reward all of our froyo lovers!”.  That’s how the Culture Club Card was born. It’s basically Sour Sally’s way of showing you how much they appreciate the love and support.

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To get your hands on the card, you simply have to purchase a minimum of RP75,000 at Sour Sally. Once you receive the card, register it at Now as soon as you register yourself, you can fully benefit from all of the plus points of the card. Immediately, you are able to get RP 25,000 as a welcome reward onto your card. It’s sort of like getting free money.

The many benefits of the card include special 50% discount if you top up a minimum of RP100,000. On top of that, you can get special perks on your birthday. And did we mention that they have a point level system. So what this means is that the more often you top-up your card, the faster you can level up. They have three different levels known as white, green and black and with black being the highest. The higher your level, the bigger your rewards and discounts will be.

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By the way, for those of you that already have your hands on the old Sour Sally card, you can easily migrate to the Cultured Club Card. For more information, visit

Sour Sally is available in various places in Jakarta including Senayan City, Pacific Place. Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City, Central Park, Mall Puri Indah, Emporium Pluit Mall, Mall Taman Anggrek, Sumarecon Mall Serpong, AEON Mall BSD City, Bintaro Jaya Exchange Supermal Karawaci and Mall Kelapa Gading. For those of you out of town, don’t worry, they have stores in Bandung, Surabaya and Palembang as well.

Hit up the closest Sour Sally store nearest to you to get on the latest hype and be constantly rewarded every time.

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