What No One Tells You About Gift Giving During Lebaran

Lebaran, the celebration of victory after a month-long fasting period, the long-anticipated holidays for business people everywhere, or also known as the time of giving and receiving redundant and impractical gifts.

We get it, everyone loves receiving gifts. There’s just something about them that brings a smile to people’s faces as they tear out the gift wrap, open the envelope, rummage through the gift bag. But what’s the fun in all of that if the gift is boring, silly or worse, pointless.

You know, there’s actually a psychology behind gift giving. Individuals love the positivity that comes with giving and receiving gifts. It’s a way for them to show appreciation, gratitude and acknowledgment towards each other. But sometimes, people don’t give much thought into what they are giving. In their heads, they are thinking, “Let me order a basket full of fresh fruits out of formality” or, “I think he’ll enjoy those ready-made hampers filled with an abundance of yummy snacks”. However, they’re not really thinking about whether or not the recipients will truly enjoy it. More often than not, recipients of these gifts during Lebaran don’t end up finishing them hence wasting it. Most of the time, impractical gifts get tossed aside and forgotten.

Putri, 41, reflected back on the gifts she received last Lebaran from various companies. She laughed as she told us her story. “A client of mine had given me a basket of natural chocolates and sweets. I left it in the corner of my office and had completely forgotten about it. A week later, after I came back from the holidays, I found a nest of ants extremely comfortable in my office. Needless to say, my first week back was not as exciting as it should have been.”

Don’t we all have an experience like Putri’s? As much as we hate wasting a gift that was given to us with good intentions, most of the time we wish that people would stop giving us perishable items as gifts!

We hate seeing gifts go to waste like that too. And we know that there are many like us. So, let us offer you our solutions: gift cards!

The flexibility and choice that gift cards allow for the recipients is what makes it perfect to give away for Lebaran. You can be sure that it will always be put to good use.

As a gift giver, you want to give a gift that will make people go, “Look! They know exactly what I wanted” or, “Yes! I’ve been needing this!” The gift itself is a symbol of that thought. Giving a gift that you know the recipient will love reflects how well you care about the person. When you give a gift that people can gush over, it proves to them “you know me, you are so attentive”.

This is what gift cards can do. Recipients can pick out the gift they resonate most with. This could mean redeeming the gift card to their favorite Italian restaurant, the latest Bosch headphones or even a spa treatment they’ve been longing for.

So if you want to give a gift that your clients and employees will definitely use and love this Lebaran, talk to us.

Send us an email to b2b@giftcard.co.id or call our toll-free number: 0800 140 1511.


Gift Card Indonesia (www.giftcard.co.id) is the leading gift card and loyalty company. We provide end-to-end services in loyalty and gift card industries, including gift card processing and distribution through our corporate sales and retail partners. We are the one stop solution for innovative gifting.

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